How to be a Courageous Singer – Tea Time With Kerri

How to be a Courageous Singer – Tea Time With Kerri Hi Songbird!  Let’s have tea together again and chat about how to be a courageous singer. What’s the difference between being a hero and having real courage?  Let’s share some thoughts about that.  =)
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Joy in Singing Journey - Featured Image

How to find joy in your singing journey

Hi Songbird! In today’s tea time I share some thoughts that will help you find joy in your singing journey.  Especially when you get disillusioned, want to give up or keep asking yourself if you’re good enough.
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True passion featured image

True singing passion & how to be the best singer you can be

In this Tea Time, I talk about how you can have passion for your craft of singing that will stand the test of time.  
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Best Vocal Warm-Up Exercise

In this video, Associate Vocal Coach Diane Divadi talks about the Best Warm Up Exercise, the Bubble, and it’s 3 amazing benefits: 1.  Great first warm up exercise for the voice 2.  Brings your tone forward to sing in the “mask” 3.  Gives you a smooth transition over your vocal break  
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