Welcome To My "21 Days To Your New Voice Series"!

Follow this series for 21 days, watching one video each day, and as you apply the tips in each video, witness your voice and confidence transform!

Day 1

New voice starts with a new mindset

Day 2

How To Correctly Do Lip Trills

Day 3

Sing Without Pushing

Day 4

Sing With No Strain

Day 5

How To Breathe For Singing

Day 6

Letting Go Of Nerves & Performance Anxiety

Day 7

Let Go Of Tension

Day 8

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

Day 9

Applying Bla Bla's Into Songs

Day 10

Sing Higher

Day 11

Free Your Voice

Day 12

Increase Range, Mix Voice & Whistle Tones

Day 13

Open Your Throat

Day 14

Applying Ooh Into Songs

Day 15

False & True Folds

Day 16

Soft Palate Lift

Day 17

Work Your Whole Range

Day 18

Straw Phonation

Day 19

Applying Straw Phonation To Songs

Day 20

Your Singing Project

Day 21

Time To Take Flight and SING!