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10 Quick Actions on How to get Better at Singing

Many of us aspire to be great singers. We dream of screams and applause from adoring fans at out stadium sold-out concert. We fantasize about being the next Michael Jackson or Beyonce. We long for our friends to be super-impressed by our vocal powers.

But somewhere in between our dreams and reality, we get overwhelmed. It’s all too hard. It takes so much work!

And we give up.

How to Sing like Beyonce -Singing Techniques

Ever watched Beyonce on youtube (or live!) or heard her on the radio and wonder to yourself “How does she do it?” and “How does she make it look so easy?”

The truth is, it’s a question I’ve asked many times. So I’ve done some analysis and I’m going to share with you 7 distinct qualities about her voice and how you can do something small everyday to achieve a great voice like hers.

Singing Tips – 3 things Anne Hathaway taught me

I could spend the rest of this post and several future posts gushing about how much I loved this movie, but I’ll spare you that and go on to the one thing – or person I should say – that inspired me the most. And the 3 things she taught me about how to make my singing dreams come true.

Why your voice breaks & how to avoid it -Singing Tips

It’s every singer’s worst nightmare.

Imagine performing in front of a crowd and right at the climax of the song, you know that money-note in the Chorus? And… your – voice – CRACKS!

Below are what I’ve found in my experience as a Singer trying to overcome my vocal break and as a Vocal Coach helping countless others overcome theirs, the Top 4 mistakes that cause singers to crack and some simple tactics to overcome them.