10 Steps to Nailing your Next Audition – Singing Techniques Part 2


Well, that’s often how we feel on the day of an important audition.

But hopefully, you’ve already read Part 1 of this series, and therefore done all the preparation that is required to ensure you are closer to success in your audition.

So instead of waking up and thinking “Oh no! It’s D-Day!” You are up and excited and strangely calm and ready.

So the first of my tips on nailing your next audition involved all the preparation you need to do BEFORE your audition. Today, this post will focus on what to do on the day of your audition and throughout the audition itself.

6. Warm up your voice

This is a no-brainer. In order for your voice to sound it’s best you need to warm up.

Though singers instinctively know this, what many don’t know is How to Effectively Warm Up in such a way that maximises their sound.

The thing is warming up is not just about doing a few bubbles (lip trills).

If you don’t know what an Effective Vocal Warm is: scroll down to the bottom of this post – I have a special FREE Gift for you – “6 Essential Vocal Warm Ups” – downloadable mp3’s which you can put on your phone and use as your special pre-audition/gig warm up.

Yes…you can thank me later ????

7. Prepare to be EARLY

The worst thing is entering into an audition feeling flustered and anxious because you’ve been rushing to get there.

So before the day, figure out how long it will take you to get there in GOOD TRAFFIC. Say it’s going to take you half an hour. Give yourself DOUBLE that amount of time so that you allow for stuff that could happen that could make you late.

When you arrive early, you will feel so much calmer and have more time to mentally prepare, which leads me to my next step…

8. Mentally and Physically prepare yourself for a perfect audition

This involves two things you can either do in the car or in the waiting area at the audition venue. Do this wherever you feel most comfortable.

i) Deep breathing to control butterflies.

Starting with breathing in for 3 counts and then slowly breathing it out for 3 counts. Then 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. As you breathing in and out, visualise the butterflies in your stomach flying in a steady formation.

This allows you to control your butterflies. So instead of them flying everywhere making chaos in your mind and tummy, as you take the time to breathe in and out slowly, you control them and make them fly in formation

ii) Visualise yourself doing a perfect audition.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing a perfect audition. See in your mind’s eye exactly how you will walk in, how you will greet the judges, how you will stand and most importantly how you will deliver the song. See yourself hitting every note perfectly, embodying the character and wowing the judges.

This is a powerful way to put yourself in the right mind set as it allows you to experience it the way you want it to happen in your mind’s eye before you step into the real thing. This technique has been proven to be very helpful not only to singers but professional sports people who are preparing for a big game.

Watch this video where I talk about a performance I was preparing for and how I dealt with the nerves:

9. Fake it til you make it

Despite all of your preparation, you may still feel some level of nerves as you step into the audition. This is perfectly normal. The adrenaline that is produced will be very helpful to you as it will drive you to perform at your best.

So when you walk in, no matter how you are feeling, use you’re adrenaline and fake a boldness and confidence that will impress the judges.

I don’t mean be arrogant and prideful…

What I mean is, even if you feel your heart beating so hard and you’re convinced everyone can hear it like a kick drum, walk in slowly with your head head high. Look the judges in the eye, smile and clearly and confidently say hello. Stand in such a way that you makes you feel physically grounded.

Don’t go in apologising or falling in a heap ‘Oh I’m not feeling well, my voice isn’t up to scratch today etc…’ This is totally unprofessional and the judges will not be very forgiving of this kind of attitude. It will immediately give a negative impression and send the message that you are an inexperienced and immature performer.

Yes, you’re a performer – so I know you can act. Act confident and not only will the judges be drawn to you but the actual feeling of confidence will soon follow.

10. Let go and let loose!

Ok so now is the moment of truth. There is no turning back and you only have ONE shot.

Now is the time to let everything go. Trust that your preparation has been adequate. And just do your thing! Be a DIVA!

Forget that it’s an audition and sing it from the bottom of your heart. Embody the character and enjoy yourself. Do it because you love the music, not because you want the part. Sing, sing, sing and sing it out of love.

Bonus Tip:

At the end of the day, the fact that you had a go already puts you ahead of the pack. So no matter what the outcome, pat yourself on the back and say ‘Well Done!’ I’m certainly proud of you because you gave it your best shot!