It’s New Year’s Day.  My family and I are enjoying our breakfast juice in our crystal wine glasses just for fun.  My 9 year old boy remembers that there’s a way to make the glass “sing” by wetting a finger and smoothing it around the rim of the glass.

No one can seem to do it.  I have a snippet of memory of my father showing us how when we were very little.  After several attempts, I finally begin to hear a high pitched hum.

“Aha!” I find myself saying- “It’s all about balance!  You can’t push down too hard, or too light.  Your finger has to give the right amount of pressure and has to have constant, light contact with the glass.  You have to find that ‘sweet spot’ and stay there..”  As I’m saying this, the glass begins to “sing” even more clearly, sweetly and strong.

“Aha!”  I think to myself, “this is also about singing!”  Beautiful singing requires a combination of technical awareness balanced together in a “sweet spot” of freeness.  It needs all its parts to function together in harmony- and when it does, it’s like magic.

As I’m encouraging the glass to “sing”, my boys are entranced, surprised and delighted, because this also seems like magic.

It is, but it’s not.

It is simply all the right elements of an action, blended together in the right proportions and executed with calmness and confidence.

There it is.  The secret to mastering the sometimes very difficult task of beautiful singing!

So remember, Songbird,

  1. Practice, practice, practice the technical steps – ingrain them into your body AND
  2. Put them together in that “sweet spot” of freedom and confidence!

Over to YOU Songbird – have you experienced this feeling of balance that produced beautiful singing? If so, please comment to tell us about it!

Get Grounded.  Take Flight.  And SING!