Healthy Body = Healthy Voice – Vocal Health Tips

Last week one of my students almost fainted in his vocal lesson.  I almost freaked out.  The reason?  He hadn’t eaten all day!

Apart from remembering to eat, as singers we need to remember that for us, our instrument is our body, therefore it is absolutely essential to look after it.

Let’s say you were a violinist and you bought a Stradivarius.  A Stradivarius is one of the most expensive violins on earth, costing  anywhere between several hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million.  (Oh I forgot to say that before you bought one you had won the lottery)!  You’ll look after that instrument won’t you?  Polish it everyday, put it in a heavy duty case to protect it and be extra careful when handling the instrument.

Dare I suggest that as a singer, your body is even more valuable and therefore worth greater care?

As a singer, our voices will fluctuate with the changes in our body.  If we wake up feeling tired or sick, our voices will sound weak.  If we feel great physically, we will also hear the flow on affects to a stronger and better sounding voice.

Not enough sleep, forgetting to eat, eating lots of KFC, not exercising, working 80 hour weeks…Result?  A tired and unhealthy voice that does not sound as best as it could.

Sleeping well, eating healthy, exercising, a balanced lifestyle…Result?  Healthy body and a Healthy voice that sounds its best.

Which will you choose?

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