How to Flourish NOW – While you’re still pursuing your Creative Dream

It’s easy to get discouraged when we watch other amazing singers and creative artists do their thing and wish that we were doing what they were doing.

Whether you’re dream is to ‘make it big’ one day by winning X-factor and scoring a record deal that will change your life forever.

Or you simply have a goal of recording your first EP, performing live for the first time or auditioning for a part in a musical.

Or maybe you just want to improve your voice.

Whatever your dream is, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the process of where we are NOW while still pursuing our dreams.

I have 3 simple but life-changing tips to share on this topic. To help you Flourish NOW – while you’re still pursuing your creative dream.

So I wrote about it. And the article got published on Lateral Action (one of best and most popular creative blogs online!). I’d love you to go and check it out and leave a comment to tell me what you think!

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