The Minimalist Guide to Effective Singing Practice – Singing Techniques

How much should I practice?

This is by far one of the most asked questions I get from my singing students.

The answer? It depends. However the following principle is crucial:


Shocked? Read on.

Less time spent practicing frequently (e.g. Every 2nd day for 20 minutes) is much more effective than a long time spent infrequently (2 hours the day before of your lesson – ouch!).

Singing is a physical exercise. Part of developing a great voice is developing muscle memory. As you practice, your muscles remember what to do if you do it often enough. If you don’t, your muscles forget and you experience the frustration of “Why can’t I get this already????”

It’s like going to the gym. If I went to the gym 3 times a week and worked out for 20 minutes each time- I’m going to get strong. My body will become toned, I’ll get fit and I’ll be able to lift heavier weights progressively. But if I only went to the gym sporadically, say 5 times in January (we’re gonna keep that New Year’s Resolution this time – we really are!) and then not again until May (New Year’s Resolutions are over-rated anyway…), well the work we’ve put in in January will have pretty much gone down the drain by May – our body will have ‘forgotten’ and possibly gotten ‘fat’…

Just as your body would lose fitness and strength if you don’t work out regularly, so your voice will lose flexibility and power if you don’t practice regularly.

Today, try out the principle:

Less time spent frequently is more effective than a long time infrequently.

Decide that you will spend x minutes, x times a week and begin today. It’s ok to start small. Just start. You wana sound great right ?