• Think you have an "ok" voice but dream of being amazing?
  • Do you wish you could sing with one CONNECTED voice instead of 2 distinctly different registers that you can't control?
  • Do you hate how you flip into a breathy falsetto that makes you sound weak?
  • Are you scared of cracking embarassingly in front of an audience?
  • Are you tired of feeling so nervous when you perform in public because you just don't know if your voice will hit the notes you want them to hit?
  • Are you sick of singing with strain and pain?
  • Do you wish you could sing with more confidence and control?
  • Confused about what Mixed Voice is and how it will help you sing better?


Hi, I'm Kerri Ho

I’m a singer and international vocal coach, having impacted over 100,000 singers across 50 countries to help them sing confidently and with joy.  Since 2005, I have helped singers worldwide experience vocal transformation through one on one coaching, group workshops, my online singing programs, webinars and The Songbird Tree YouTube Channel.
My professional training spans over 10 years and includes a diverse range of techniques and styles including Bel Canto, Opera, Estill, Speech Level Singing, Musical Theatre (with world renowned Broadway Singing Coach Mary Saunders-Barton), Pop & Jazz.  I’m also a dynamic choir conductor and vocal director and perform regularly as a professional singer – enjoying belting out a Broadway and Disney tune or two!  
I’m running this webinar because I personally had the same problems with cracking, flipping & straining when I was a young developing singer.  I also understand the complete frustration of all the conflicting and confusing information out there about Mixed Voice!  After years of research, training with the best coaches, attending every workshop on the subject and my own experimentation; I now have the answers & I just can’t wait to share them with as many Songbirds around the globe as I can!

Have a Question?

Yes indeed you can!  If you can’t make it live, the replay will be made available to you if you have paid for your spot and registered

Until 1 month after it has gone live

While I can’t guarantee you will be able to sing the way you’ve always dreamed after only after spending 90 minutes with me in a live webinar, I can say that if you’ve always wanted to sing without the frustration of cracking, flipping and straining and to sing confidently in the mix (enabling a voice that sounds like one beautifully connected voice ), and want to know how to do it in the simplest most effective way, you will most definitely be equipped with the right exercises, technique, knowledge and mindset to do this.  The rest depends on your dedication and commitment to practice and continue learning.  

Access to a computer or device (e.g. tablet or phone), an email account, and a big smile =)