wANT TO Transform Your Voice? LET'S WORK TOGETHER!

One on One Coaching


$ 125 A Once Off Lesson that will help you:
  • Experience a noticeable positive change in your vocal tone
  • Understand what your main vocal strengths are and how to develop them
  • Understand what your vocal weaknesses are and how to overcome them
  • Be given the tools to approach a difficult song with much greater ease & confidence


$ 380 Common results experienced by over 90% of my students include:
  • Growth in range by at least 1/2 an octave
  • Singing with greater strength & power in vocal tone in both chest & head voice
  • Singing with greater smoothness over vocal break
  • Singing with much less tension & much more freedom
  • Singing with greater confidence & control


$ 900 Common results experienced by over 90% of my students include:
  • Growth in range by at least 1 octave
  • Singing with greater strength & power in vocal tone in both chest & head voice
  • Greater strength in the mixed voice that enables singing with smoother connection through range
  • Increased chest voice & chest mix capacity - on the way to belting with volume, power and freedom
  • Greater stretch & flexibility - on the way to developing high Mariah Carey whistle tones
  • Singing with much less tension & much more freedom
  • Singing with greater confidence & control

Coaching spots are very limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Full payment is required to secure your booking.

 I’m excited about the possibility of meeting you and helping you achieve your singing goals!

What People say

Dinaba - Counsellor, US

“She helped me transition the technicalities of the warm ups into my singing.  The first session I immediately heard a difference!  She helps you build your confidence.  I can’t recommend her enough – Kerri’s the best!”

Kat - Theatre Singer, Australia

“She’s an outstanding teacher, she knows what strategy is going to work in what moment.  She’s endlessly supportive & positive, you really feel like she’s investing in you as a person & that you’re achieving something together!”

Adam - IT Professional, UK

“I’ve been doing singing lessons for 15 years…months would go by and I wouldn’t see any improvement, wheareas with Kerri every week I see & feel the improvement.  Everything feels better, stronger, thicker!  She’s particularly good at teaching mix voice!” 

Lynne – Admin, USA

“She’s diagnosed issues that have inhibited my singing for years!  She’s helped me to stop pulling and straining, she’s taught me to increase my range…Go for it, you’ll never regret it!”

Clarabell - Musician, Australia

“Kerri has changed my life. Two years ago I would have never sing in public but now I am singing at weddings, at church and with bands. I can’t thank Kerri enough.”

Deven – Singer, USA​

“Anyone who is interested in working with Kerri, I really deeply recommend you work with her one on one.  She will take you further than you ever thought you could go and help you find the power within yourself to be the singer you’ve always wanted to be!”

Vanessa - Worship singer - Australia

“I’ve just done the 4 Week Vocal Transformation” with Kerri & it’s such an AMAZING experience!  Kerri’s opened my mind!  I’m more confident in my singing & really excited to put these new techniques into practice!”

Lynn - Jazz Singer -US

“Kerri understood my goals for my voice and really tailors the lessons to fit my personality, learning style… I’ve had major changes in my voice – the tonal quality, strength, breath control, richness – and I have Kerri’s methods to thank for that!”

Lauren – social Media Expert, USA

“Getting to work with Kerri was…pretty life changing! She helped heal any misconceptions I had about my voice. She helped me go where I didn’t think I could go.”

Laura - Marketing Professional, Australia

“Kerri has taught me more in the last 4 weeks of vocal coaching than I have learnt in the last 30 years.”

Gavin - Student, Australia

“If you’re struggling to improve, then Kerri is one of the best choices you can make!”

Heng – Medical Doctor, Australia

“Kerri is a great singer herself so she is very in tune with what mistakes you are making…and she corrects it in a patient, gentle and fun manner. Kerri Ho is the way to Go!”

Jayne - USA

“She’s fantastic! Kerri knows her craft inside and out…She’s encouraging and she listens.”

Akina – PHD student, Australia

“I can now reach notes that I used to really struggle with, now with EASE! Kerri is someone who embodies positive energy!”

Justin – IT Professional, Australia

“Kerri has extensive technique knowledge, she’s very passionate about singing and is a real singing nerd.  She really customises the training to your specific problem…in a very positive and fun way!”

Eve Ting- Primary School Teacher, Australia

“It’s been so amazing having Kerri as my singing teacher because she is so dedicated..and passionate about seeing her students improve”

Tash - Singer/Songwriter, Australia

“From the first lesson I had with her I knew Kerri was the singing teacher for me…someone who really knew how to fix and strengthen my voice!”

Robert - Talent Manager, USA

“Kerri Ho has done in a few months what normally would take much much longer!  Kerri gets results!”

Michelle - Australia

“I cannot recommend Kerri highly enough, she is this beautiful, wonderful, patient, kind person who explains everything so well…I have learned more with Kerri in 6-7 months than in the last 4 years!”

Andy - Worship Leader & Songwriter - Australia

“She’s an absolute joy to work with…She’s extended my vocal range in a way I’ve never experienced before…  She’s probably the best vocal coach I’ve ever worked with.”

Ellie - Community Manager, Australia

“I was someone who always thought that I can’t sing…but after I started having classes with Kerri I went on a stage and performed!”  

Natalie - Performing Arts Teacher, Australia

“She’s a fantastic teacher because she is able to pinpoint exactly what your vocal issues are straight away.  She brings passion, energy and enthusiasm!”