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Work with Myself or my Associate Coaches

If you’d like to experience transformation in your voice and achieve your vocal goals in the fastest, most effective and healthy way possible with affordable one-one coaching, I’d love to team you up with my wonderful Associate Coaches.

Please be assured that my Associate Coaches are carefully hand-picked by invitation only and trained personally by me.  They are excellent seasoned singers/performers, embody The Songbird Tree’s values of positivity, encouragement and inspiration and have undergone many hours of rigorous training, observation and teaching students to learn my exact methods in order to deliver the best results for songbirds like you. I care deeply for your development so I will only place you in the hands of the best of the best!

Ongoing coaching with my Associate Coaches will enable you to:

  • Develop greater strength and power in your vocal tone
  • Transition smoothly over your vocal break
  • Sing with greater flexibility
  • Sing without strain
  • Develop a strong mix voice and belt effortlessly
  • Become more confident in your vocal performance

Meet my beautiful Associate Vocal Coach – Diane Divadi


Power Hour (Casual 60 minute lesson)  $75USD

4 Week Vocal Transformation (4 Weekly 60 minutelessons)  $250USD

Coaching spots are very limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Full payment is required to secure your booking.

Please email to arrange your booking with Diane.


Marian & Macey

“We have seen such a marked improvement in Macey’s voice. Diane always makes Macey feel so comfortable and gives her so much confidence!”

Zen Dexter

“Diane is a really skilled vocal coach who is great at tailoring lessons to your specific needs.”

Fiona Jane Weston

“Diane will always make sure that she gives you the information that you need, listens very carefully and picks up on every detail to help you get each little bit that much better. You’ll love it!”

Work with me

If you’d love me coach you, of course I’d love to work with you too. All the fun options to do so are below:

60 minute Intensive Session : $185USD


At the end of  your Power Hour with me, you will:

  • Hear and feel a huge positive difference to your tone & sound
  •  Be armed with the tools you need to approach that difficult song with a lot more ease
  •  Understand your vocal strengths and know how to keep developing them
  •  Understand why you have certain vocal weaknesses and be given the tools to overcome them

4 X 60 Minute Consecutive Weekly Sessions: $600USD


4weeksAt the end of 4 Weeks, you will:

  • Have greater consistency in your vocal technique
  •  Developed greater confidence to sing the songs you want and perform publicly
  •  Embody the habits/principles needed to sing the way you’ve always dreamed of
  •  Have greater strength and power in your tone
  •  Have greater smoothness over your vocal break
  •  Have greater flexibility

10 X 60 Minute Consecutive Weekly Sessions: $1500USD

At the end of 10 Weeks, you will:

  • Add a minimum of one octave to your range
  • Hit Mariah Carey whistle tones
  • Develop a strong and seamless mixed voice
  • Belt super high money notes powerfully and effortlessly
  • Gain mastery over your voice
  • Become your own coach
  • Perform with conviction, confidence & certainty
  • Move your audience at the deepest level in performance
  • Fearlessly bring hope, love & joy through the power of music
  • Increase your confidence to audition authentically & at your best for music industry executives

Coaching spots are very limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Full payment is required to secure your booking.

I’m excited about the possibility of meeting you and helping you get grounded, take flight and sing Songbird!

Please email to arrange your booking with Kerri.


Laura Lucarelli – Australia

Kerri is amazing!  She has taught me more in the last 4 weeks of vocal coaching than I have learned in the last 30 years !”

Gavin Ye – Australia

“The cracks and breaks in my vocal break area are all gone…and I’m not pitchy anymore.  I really thank Kerri because I never thought I could go that far.”

Tash Anderson – Australia

“Kerri gets results! She’s the best singing teacher I’ve ever had and the best singing teacher out there.”

Robert Vaughn – USA

“We have worked with several vocal coaches from different countries…Kerri Ho has done in a few months what would normally take much much longer. Kerri gets results!”

Michelle Empson-Morris – Australia

“I have learned more in my 6-7 months with Kerri than I have in 4 years!”

Andi Hillman – Australia

“She extended my vocal range in a way that I hadn’t experienced before!”

Ellie Khoo – Australia

“I was someone who always thought I can’t sing because I got rejected by choirs in high school…But after I started classes with Kerri I actually went on stage and performed!”

Natalie Wickham – Australia

“She is a fantastic teacher because she is able to pinpoint your vocal issues straight away! She brings passion and enthusiasm to everything she does!”

Heng Khuen – Australia

“Kerri is a great singer herself so she is very tune with what mistakes you are making…and she corrects it in a patient, gentle and fun manner. Kerri Ho is the way to Go!”
(By the way in case you’re wondering, Heng is actually a Medical Doctor by profession!)

Jayne Whitman – USA

“She’s fantastic! Kerri knows her craft inside and out…She’s encouraging and she listens.”

Akina – Australia

“I can now reach a note that I used to really struggle with, now with EASE! Kerri is someone who embodies positive energy!”

Justin Toh – Australia

“Kerri’s a real singing nerd! Lessons with her are engaging, fun and most importantly she knows how to improve your voice”

Eve Ting- Australia

“It’s been so amazing having Kerri as my singing teacher because she is so dedicated..and passionate about seeing her students improve”

Jennifer Scholtz – Paris

“Kerri is the only teacher I have come across that can coach vocally across all styles. Her methodology is solid, seamless, consistent. I feel like I’m relearning how to use my vocal mechanism.”