Confidence for singers – Live Singing Tutorial, Vocal Warm Up & Tea Time with Kerri

Confidence For Singers – Live Singing Tutorial, Vocal Warm Up & Tea Time!

1. Wherever, Whenever Vocal Warm Up

This is a warm up that you can do literally wherever and whenever! You don’t need any instruments, devices or special equipment – just you and your voice! It only takes 2-5 minutes!

– Throat & Tongue Stretches

– Bubble Sirens

– AAA! (To wake up chest voice)

– Whoops! (To wake up head and mixed voice)


2. Live Tea Time with Kerri

Today I shared a story from my childhood that will inspire you to have confidence as a singer!

i) Give yourself permission

ii) Be ready to work hard

I also invited an amazing Songbird, Kathleen from the US to join the Livestream to share her inspiring story about how she gave herself permission to pursue her singing dream, how much she is loving it right now and how much it has changed her life and the hard work she is putting in to realise her dream!

3. Live Q & A : I answered YOUR questions about:

– How to transition from chest voice to head voice without cracking

– How to get rid of vocal fry/raspiness when singing

– What is the right mindset to hit high notes when singing and MORE!

Watch the video to find out my answer to this question and more..!

This is a weekly LIVE event on Mondays 8pm EDT/Tuesdays 10am AEST, where I lead you and other singers from around the globe in a collective worldwide Vocal Warm Up that addresses a specific technical area that you want to improve in your voice! We also sing a song together, there’s an inspiring/motivational thought shared AND Live Q & A!