Vocal Warm Up For Chest Voice – LIVE SINGING TUTORIAL

LIVE Singing Tutorial Masterclass – Vocal Warm Up for Chest Voice

This is a weekly LIVE event on Mondays 8pm EDT/Tuesdays 10am AEST, where I lead you and other singers from around the globe in a collective worldwide Vocal Warm Up that addresses a specific technical area that you want to improve in your voice! We also sing a song together, there’s an inspiring/motivational thought shared AND Live Q & A!

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Warm Up for Chest Voice

We got our vocal folds vibrating closer together to produce that thick and full chest voice sound with the following effective exercises:  –

1.  Stacatto Bubbles

2.   Uh-Oh glotal onsets

3.  Aahhhh! slides

4.  My mother makes me mash my mini m and m’s on a Monday morning, ooh, ahh!

(Ok, seriously reading about it won’t get you too far,  why not watch the video?!)

SING! “Shotgun” by George Ezra (the KING of chest voice 😉

Live Q & A

Sadly, livestream technical issues prevented me from able to get to this, but we’re looking into a more reliable software to do the live streams so that we won’t have this issue again!