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3 Tips For Soothing A Dry Throat

Today I’m gonna give you 3 tips to soothe a dry throat, which will be super helpful for you whenever your throat happens to become parch in recording a video, delivering a speech or singing on stage!

Tea Time With Kerri: How To Rest In The Busyness Of Life

Find yourself to be a driven, ambitious go-getter that finds it hard to REST in this busy world? I know the feeling Songbird! Grab a cuppa, sit-down with me and let me share a piece of my heart and what I’ve learnt on my learning journey!

How To Sing Without Flipping

Fasten your seatbelts Songbirds, we’re ready to tackle the number 1 challenge of your singing journey in this video: to smooth out your voice and sing without flipping!

Vocal Critique: How To Belt Eb5 In “Let It Go”

Looking to strengthen and improve the sound of your singing voice? Featuring the lovely Missu from France singing “Let It Go”, I’ll show you in this video how to belt Eb5 and share a few valuable tips to becoming a more powerful singer!

How to sing riffs and runs

Whoo hoo!  Today’s video singing tutorial is all about How to sing riffs and runs! In this video, we’ll break down the 4 crucial elements to effectively singing riffs and runs:  Flexibility  A great ear Break it down Patience Enjoy, Like, Comment and Share to help other songbirds like you! Always believing in you, Kerri …

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How to increase your vocal range

Wana grow your vocal range?  Sing higher and lower with ease?  Today’s video singing tutorial: How to increase your vocal range! In this video, we’ll cover the 3 crucial things you need to get down pad to increase your vocal range:  Sing lightly and brightly Allow yourself to flip Tame your tongue Enjoy, Like, Comment …

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How to sing without tension

Today’s video singing tutorial: How to sing without tension! In this video, we go through 6 awesome things you need do, to sing without tension. Get loose, get ready and let’s get going! 1. Get rid of tension in your body 2. Massage your face and jaw 3. Stretch out your tongue 4. Use your …

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