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How to sing in perfect pitch

Hey Songbird! Today’s video singing tutorial is all about How to sing in perfect pitch! In this video, we’ll cover the 3 things which can cause you to go flat or sharp, even for the person with the best ear in the world. And they are: Lack of focus Tension & Constriction Lack of resonance …

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How to sing high without sounding breathy

We all want to sing as high as the sky, but with any ascent we can struggle to get there without gasping for breath. Well Songbird, have I got the video for you!

How to sing with a strong chest voice

We all know that guys put hours in the gym to get a strong chest, but how much effort do we singers put in to get a strong chest voice? Find out how to effectively sing with a strong chest voice in this video.

You’re closer than you think

In this video, I’ll explore the value of not giving up for often, despite not seeing the fruits of our labour, we are in fact much closer than what we think!