Vocal Warm Up for Dry Throats – LIVE SINGING LESSON/TUTORIAL


Vocal Warm Up For Dry Throats

1. Bubbles : 5th Descending Slides

2. Sing through a straw: 5th Descending Slides (or sing V’s if you don’t have a straw)

3. Mm: 5 Notes Descending

4. Ooh: 5th Descending Slide


6 Top Dry Throat Remedies

1. Drink more water throughout the day (and eat water rich foods)

2. Use a humidifier

3. Do steam

4. Manuka honey

5. Throat coat tea

6. All natural throat sprays

Live Q & A : I answered YOUR questions!

Lots of juicy questions today about breathing technique for singing, difference between strain and fatigue, difference between vocal warm ups and vocal exercises,physical exercises to do to get rid of tension and so much more! Watch the video to find out my answer to this question and more..!

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