Vocal Warm Up For Pop Singing – LIVE Singing Tutorial Masterclass


1. Vocal Warm Up for Singing Pop

– Whoa 5th Slides to warm up chest voice

– Hoo 5th slides to warm up head voice

– Na Na Triads to warm up mixed voice and twang

– Ya Ye Yi Yo Yu on a pop chord progression

2. SONG: Roar by Katy Perry – Apply the Ya and Yo exercises

3. Live Q & A : I answered YOUR questions about vibrato and falsetto/head voice strengthening!

This is a weekly LIVE event on Mondays 8pm EDT/Tuesdays 10am AEST, where I lead you and other singers from around the globe in a collective worldwide Vocal Warm Up that addresses a specific technical area that you want to improve in your voice! We also sing a song together, there’s an inspiring/motivational thought shared AND Live Q & A! Subscribe to the channel and at www.thesongbirdtree.com to get notified of every week’s LIVE STREAM Link!