Vocal Warm Up for Singing High – LIVE ONLINE MASTERCLASS

This is a weekly LIVE event on Mondays 8pm EDT/Tuesdays 10am AEST, where I lead you and other singers from around the globe in a collective worldwide Vocal Warm Up that addresses a specific technical area that you want to improve in your voice! We also sing a song together, there’s an inspiring/motivational thought shared AND Live Q & A! Subscribe to the channel and at www.thesongbirdtree.com to get notified of every week’s LIVE STREAM Link!


1. Thought For The Day:

Though everything seems to have slowed or stopped with regards to our physical places of singing, if we choose to, this season can be a time of great ACCELERATION into our singing destinies…

2. Warm Up for Singing High: – Ngs – Yum Yums – Yipeeeeeee….’s – Ow! (Curious? Watch the video!)

3. SING! “Memories” by Maroon 5! (Oh SO FUN!)

4. Live Q & A : I answered YOUR questions! i) Melinda (Australia): When going through a rough patch and you don’t want to sing and practice, how do you maintain momentum and not lose what’s been achieved? Watch the video to find out my answer to this question and more..!

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