Vocal Warm Up To Get Performance Ready – LIVE Singing Tutorial Masterclass

LIVE Singing Tutorial Masterclass – Vocal Warm Up For Pop Singing

1. Vocal Warm Up To Get Performance Ready!

With Special Guest – Voice Specialist/Music Educator Kathy Alexander from www.singdaptive

– Alternate nostril breathing:  to center the mind and get rid of nerves

– Straw 5th Descending Slides:  to optmise the vibration of the vocal folds for effortless singing

– Ee-Ooh Slides:  to get rid of tongue tension

– Chew on the words of a song (Lean on Me by Bill Withers):  to get rid of facial, mouth & jaw tension

2.  How to get performance ready I interviewed Kathy and asked her:

– What does she do to prepare for a performance in the lead up?

– What does she do to prepare herself on the day of a performance?

Kathy shared some amazing golden nuggets so be sure to check out the video for the full scoop!

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