Why Your Voice Cracks & How To Avoid It – LIVE SINGING TUTORIAL

SINGING TUTORIAL – Why your Voice Cracks & How To Avoid it – Livestream!

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Why your Voice Cracks & How To Avoid it –

5 Main Reasons & What to do to avoid it

1. Pulling up chest voice: Avoid with Bla Bla & don’t get louder as you go higher!

2. Pulling up layrnx: Avoid with Go Go

3. Pulling back the tongue: Avoid with Yah Yah with Tongue curled out behind back of bottom front teeth

4. Overbreathing – Avoid with Rib Cage stretch inhale

5. Not singing in the mix – Avoid by learning how to sing with mixed voice!


2. Live Q & A : I answered YOUR questions Live! Watch the video to find out my answer to this question and more..!