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I’ve spent some time creating “The Ultimate Vocal Warm-Up Guide”, an easy to follow guide which will easily and effectively show you how to warm up your voice to sing your best.

And it’s yours…for Free. 

Sing better, with more confidence & sound amazing!

  • Sing MUCH higher than you can now (WARNING:  you may even be able to reach Mariah Carey whistle notes!)
  • Sing with POWER (uh-huh, say goodbye to ‘airy and weak voice’ forever!)
  • Sing with great PITCH (yup, no more singing out of tune!)
  • Solve the mystery of how to sing MIXED voice once and for all!
  • Sing smoothly without breaking & cracking
  • Sing with NO strain on your throat
  • Overcome fear and nerves and perform with confidence
  • Sing your favourite songs like your favourite stars
  • Sing without losing your voice

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The Vocal Revolution Program gives you everything you need to sing confidently!

19 Vocal Transformation Video Lessons with me as your Virtual Vocal Coach (that’s over 20 hours of video!)

14 Vocal Technique Video Lessons:
I’ll teach you the singing secrets I teach my One-On-One students – to help you sing better than you have ever sung before
2 Video Lessons on “How to Belt & Mix Your Voice”:
I’ll explain how your head voice and chest voice can be mixed to help you sing & belt with great power and no strain
“The 10 Steps to Becoming a Confident Singer” Video Lesson:
I’ll help you stop doubting yourself, attack negative thoughts & fear and become the confident singer you always wished you could be
“The Essentials of Vocal Health” Video Lesson:

I’ll tell you all you need to know about keeping your voice healthy, what to do if you have vocal damage or fatigue, what to do when you get sick but still need to perform and more.

“How to Overcome Nerves & Perform at Your Best” Video Lesson:
I’ll give you some great tips to overcome stage fright and anxiety so that you can perform with confidence
Audio mp3 Practice Workouts & all 19 Video Lessons:
You’ll get to download these to your mobile device for on-the-run practice, wherever and whenever you like, in male or  female range

And you also get these amazing FREE Bonuses:

Song Application Tutorial Video Lessons:
I’ll teach you how to apply specific exercises to your favourite songs and instantly sing them more easily and sound 10 X better!
Tea Time With Kerri (Audios):
I’ll inspire, motivate and encourage you to keep going especially when you feel like giving up
Weekly Email Progress Guide:
I’ll send you emails to show you exactly how to pace yourself, when and how to best use the 19 Video Lessons, and cheer you on when it gets tough!
FREE Access to The Songbird Tribe Private Facebook Group:
You’ll get to meet everyone else in the Vocal Revolution Program  – (over 130 songbirds from over 25 countries)!  Ask questions, post songs, get feed back and help each other sing better

All for a crazy low price

My program is honestly one of the most affordable online!  BUT it has EVERYTHING you need to become a better singer. Psst! It includes everything I know, learned over 13 years of training but it costs even less than a single private singing lesson with me!

Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t like the program, let my wonderful support team know in 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% money back refund.

Unlimited access to my Associate Coaches and other singers just like you!

You’ll have unlimited, ongoing support through our online community – The Songbird Tribe.  Meet everyone in the program including my Associate Coaches!  (Over 130 songbirds from over 25 countries)!  Ask questions, post songs, get feed back and help each other sing better

Unlimited online access – so that you can do it anytime & anywhere, whenever and wherever it suits you

You’ll have unlimited lifetime access forever!  Which means there is no pressure.  Just go through the program at your pace – as fast or as slow as you need.  It’s your program so you set the rules…and pace that is perfect for you.

Download and practice on the go

You can download all the video lessons as audios and listen and practice on the go wherever and whenever you want!  AND in male or female ranges!

Credit card security & privacy

Don’t worry –  all payments are processed through PayPal’s advanced encryption systems. So your personal financial information is secure. We don’t hold or keep any of your account or credit card details.

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