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Since 2005, I’ve had the joy of impacting 100,000+ singers across 50 countries through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, online webinars, my online singing programs and The Songbird Tree’s YouTube Channel!

The best part of being a Vocal Coach is getting to see both vocal and personal transformation everyday! It is SO empowering to see singers grow in confidence and realise “OMG, I can actually do this!” – not only do they sing better, but their identity soars! 

Because when you believe in yourself you will truly SHINE on stage and in life!

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What People Say...

A few of the many kind things people have said about working with me and my online singing programs…

“Anyone who is interested in working with Kerri, I really deeply recommend you work with her one on one. She will take you further than you ever thought you could go and help you find the power within yourself to be the singer you’ve always wanted to be!”
Deven Skye
Singer/Actress USA
“Kerri Ho completely changed by life! Practicing Kerri’s program exercise by exercise, day by day, month by month, believe me…my singing instrument is now my best friend! And inside The Songbird Lounge, songbirds from all over the world meet each other in a very active and stimulating way!”
Erik Balcaen
Entertainer - Belgium
“I had developed bad habits from my earlier exam work and doing Kerri’s program has helped me overcome the problems that I had. I would have a tendency to over sing, to strain, to have my jaw very tense, but doing Kerri’s exercises means I now sing with a much looser jaw, I have a greater vocal range…my voice is completely different!”
Paula Lown
Singing Teacher - Ireland
“I’m so proud to be a part of this global singers community! Kerri’s program modules are very logical and easy to follow with clear and comprehensive instructions. As a result I’ve witnessed a lot of improvements in my voice!”
Longman Nguyen
Makreting professional, Vietnam
“I’m loving doing Kerri’s Vocal Revolution program. One of things I enjoy most is Kerri’s knack for making you feel like she’s in the room beside you, coaching you along the way and encouraging you. You never feel alone, you always feel like there’s always someone with you throughout the course.”
Peter Briggs
“I’m genuinely enjoying Kerri Ho’s wonderful program! It’s the first time that I feel like I’ve actually understood what it is that I’m supposed to be doing as a singer. I feel much more confident now than I’ve ever felt before, knowing that I’m going to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it!”
Fiona-Jane Weston
Singer/Actress - UK
“I love love love Kerri’s program – the Vocal Revolution! There’s so much content, so much to learn. So much more than what I anticipated. Each module is like doing a one on one singing lesson with Kerri! But you can do it anytime you like because it’s available to you 24/7.”
Melinda Williams
“Kerri is amazing! She has taught me more in the last 4 weeks of vocal coaching than I have learned in the last 30 years ! She really tailored the lessons to my knowledge, voice and what I wanted to achieve.”
Laura Lucarelli
Worship Singer - Australia
“Kerri gets results! She’s the best singing teacher I’ve ever had and the best singing teacher out there. From the first lesson with Kerri I knew I had found the singing teacher for me – someone I could trust and knew how to fix my voice!”
Singer/Songwriter - Australia
“She’s a great encourager and has a comprehensive knowledge about all things singing and performance and she explains things really really well. I’ve loved working with her! She extended my vocal range in a way that I hadn’t experienced before!”
Andi Hillman
Worship Leader - Australia
“I want to recommend Kerri Ho’s Vocal Revolution training program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to improve their voice. The content is absolutely rock solid! It’ll help you develop really good vocal habits and dismantle bad ones in a very step by step systematic way.”
Zen Dexter
IT Professional, Australia
“In just 4 months (of using Kerri’s program) I’ve noticed improvement in my confidence, vocal technique and foundation. I love that Kerri’s modules are for a full vocal workout, it gives me proper order and structure when I’m practicing. Each module builds upon the previous one and you not only hear improvement but feel it as well!” ​
Sarah Connor ​
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