• Think you have an "ok" voice but dream of being amazing?
  • Do you wish you could sing with one CONNECTED voice instead of 2 distinctly different registers that you can't control?
  • Do you hate how you flip into a breathy falsetto that makes you sound weak?
  • Are you scared of cracking embarassingly in front of an audience?
  • Are you tired of feeling so nervous when you perform in public because you just don't know if your voice will hit the notes you want them to hit?
  • Are you sick of singing with strain and pain?
  • Do you wish you could sing with more confidence and control?
  • Confused about what Mixed Voice is and how it will help you sing better?


Hi, I'm Kerri Ho

I’m a singer and international vocal coach, having impacted over 100,000 singers across 50 countries to help them sing confidently and with joy.  Since 2005, I have helped singers worldwide experience vocal transformation through one on one coaching, group workshops, my online singing programs, webinars and The Songbird Tree YouTube Channel.
My professional training spans over 10 years and includes a diverse range of techniques and styles including Bel Canto, Opera, Estill, Speech Level Singing, Musical Theatre (with world renowned Broadway Singing Coach Mary Saunders-Barton), Pop & Jazz.  I’m also a dynamic choir conductor and vocal director and perform regularly as a professional singer – enjoying belting out a Broadway and Disney tune or two!  
I created this program because I personally had the same problems with cracking, flipping & straining when I was a young developing singer.  I also understand the complete frustration of all the conflicting and confusing information out there about Mixed Voice!  After years of research, training with the best coaches, attending every workshop on the subject and my own experimentation; I now have the answers & I just can’t wait to share them with as many Songbirds around the globe as I can!

program curriculum

Here's what's inside the program

Introduction & Welcome Video 

Chest Voice VS Head Voice

Vocal Break & Mixed Voice

The 7 Key Components to Sing in Mixed Voice

Move across your range with flexibility & ease

Build Resonance – Exercise 1

Build Resonance: Exercise 3

Stop pulling up chest voice – Exercise 1

Stop pulling up chest voice – Exercise 2 

Build a strong head voice – Technique 1

Build a strong head voice – Exercise 1

Build a strong head voice – Technique 2

Build a strong head voice – Exercise 2

Build a strong head voice – Exercise 3

Connecting chest and head voice – Exercise 1

Connecting chest and head voice – Exercise 2

Connecting chest and head voice – Exercise 3

Connecting chest and head voice – Exercise 4

Strengthening the Mixed Voice Descending

Strengthening the Mixed Voice Ascending

Song Application Workout 1

Song Application Workout 2

Song Application Workout 3

Song Application Workout 4

Conclusion & Next Steps Video 

Have a Question?

Whenever you like! I’ve created this course with your convenience in mind. You are free to take the course completely at your own pace. My recommendation to get the most out of the program is to take your time to absorb the contents in the video modules first.  Then take a minimum of 2-4 weeks to practice each Audio Vocal Workout in sequence.  However, if you master it sooner you can go onto the next one no problem. And if you need more time, you are free to take it. Also when life gets a little crazy (don’t we all know that can happen!), you can always simply pick up where you left off and keep going.

Forever! Once you buy the course, you have lifetime access.

You will learn to sing without cracking, flipping or straining by learning how to sing in your mixed voice which will enable a voice that sounds beautifully connected as one voice, not 2 distinctly different registers.

If you’ve always wanted to sing without the frustration of cracking, flipping and straining and to sing confidently in the mix (enabling a voice that sounds like one beautifully connected voice ), then yes! Although I can’t guarantee anyone’s success because it also depends on how regularly and correctly you practice and your overall commitment and dedication, that is absolutely the intended outcome!

Access to a computer or device (e.g. tablet or phone), an email account, and PASSION and dedicated time to practice!

Yes you will get full access to the “How to Sing in Mixed Voice – Intermediate Level Program”.  (You will not get access to the Beginner or Advanced Levels if you only purchase the Intermediate Level Program).  

But if you purchase the Triple Program Bundle you will get immediate access to all 3 program levels – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced.  

If you need help as you go through the course, there is an interactive commenting and chat feature that enables you to reach out at the end of every lesson to voice your concerns and ask questions!  I hang out here to answer questions and your fellow songbirds going through the course will also be there to help and cheer you on!

If you need help with anything else related to the course, e.g.  having trouble accessing the program or other technical issues, please contact kerriho@thesongbirdtree.com. Thanks!

Intermediate Program

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  • Unlimited life time access
  • 21 Intermediate Video Lessons
  • 6 Intermediate Vocal Audio Workouts
  • Interactive Chat

Triple Program Bundle

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