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I work with churches, choirs, acappella groups, schools, community groups or corporate companies to build singing/voice technique, confidence and team work.  My style is thoroughly engaging, honest and entertaining, while being immediately practical.   

PSST:  I may or may not spontaneously erupt into song ;P

You get: 2 hour workshop OR Half-day workshop with vocal masterclass and Q & A with Kerri.

You get: 2 hour workshop OR half day workshop with vocal masterclass and Q & A.

You get:  2 hour workshop OR Half Day Workshop with added Vocal Masterclass and Q & A 

You get: 2 hour workshop:  

I used to be a painfully shy and timid kid. I know this is hard to believe but trust me when I say I was not born with confidence. It has taken a lifetime of growth and learning to come out of my shell and flourish into the person that you see today. By the end of this session you will learn about the limiting beliefs that are imprisoning you, learn to replace them with positive beliefs that will bring you freedom, and gain immediately actionable strategies to continue in confidence every day of your life.

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