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Video Coaching Program

Monthly Subscription
$USD 149 Monthly
  • 4 Personalised Interactions with me
  • Personalised & detailed VIDEO feedback on all your singing clips
  • Detailed instruction & demonstrations on exactly what exercises to practice to improve your singing
  • Detailed Practice Plan including custom chosen vocal workouts from my library tailored to your voice
  • Specific video resources, programs and lessons to help you with your specific vocal goals
  • FULL ACCESS to The Songbird Tree Vocal Academy including all my online singing courses valued at over $800
  • The opportunity to be coached personally by me at your convenience and at much lower cost

Hear what people have to say about their Video Coaching experience with me!

Sarah Eagleston – Worship Leader/Pharmacist, US

“Video Coaching has really taken things to the next level, [Kerri] is so knowledgeable and she really understands my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend video coaching to anyone from beginner to advanced levels, especially if you haven’t worked with a professional vocal coach before. “

Elizabeth Wright, US

“She really encourages me to keep singing even though I don’t have any real experience with singing. Through her coaching, I noticed a difference in my singing. So whether you know a lot or you don’t know a lot, she’s really good at breaking down the techniques and going at your pace so that way you do see improvement with your singing.”

Sarah Eagleston – Worship Leader/Pharmacist, US

“With working with Kerri, firstly, the program is extremely targeted to you. So the exercises that you’re given are for you specifically. And also, they’re for the song you’re wanting to sing. Secondly, the overall program – you’ll be doing it every night or every second night, and that just overall will strengthen your voice, without even sort of trying. It’s just amazing. Thirdly, it’s flexible. It allows me to do this in my time. So, if you love singing, definitely give this a go!”

Tracey - Worship Leader, Australia

“Kerri is incredible at diagnosing problems that you have within your singing voice. For instance, when I fist started singing, I had no Chest Voice whatsoever. So through a few simple exercises, Kerri was able to help me engage my Chest Voice and see how that feels when I sing, and has helped me develop that just in a few short months. So I’m very, very thankful to be able to do that.”