The Vocal Revolution Program​

The Most Comprehensive Online Singing Program To Help You Sing Better, Sing Confidently And Sound Amazing!

Sing Better, Sing Confidently, Sound Amazing!

The Vocal Revolution Program was created with all levels of vocalists in mind. From a beginner looking to learn the basics of singing to a professional vocalist seeking to master advanced vocal techniques, this course is for all singers looking to reach their true singing potential.

This course will allow you to…

Sing MUCH higher than you can now (WARNING: you may even be able to reach Mariah Carey Whistle Notes!)

Sing with POWER (uh-huh, say goodbye to ‘airy and weak voice’ forever! Your voice will be felt!)

Sing with great PITCH (yup, no more singing out of tune, going flat or sharp! Techniques that work!)

Solve the mystery of how to sing MIXED voice once and for all! Master this technique and hear your voice transform

Sing smoothly without breaking or cracking. Be able to rely on your voice in every situation

Sing with NO strain on your throat. Protect your voice and ensure it lasts for decades not years

Overcome fear and nerves and perform with confidence under any situation and on any stage

Sing your favourite songs like your favourite stars. Never again be scared to sing your favourite songs

Sing confidently without losing your voice. Learn to protect your voice so that you have quick recovery times

Hi, I'm Kerri Ho

I’m a singer and international vocal coach, having impacted over 100,000 singers across 50 countries to help them sing confidently and with joy/  since 2005, I have helped singers worldwide experience vocal transformation through one on one coaching, group workshops, my online singing programs, webinars and The Songbird Tree YouTube Channel. 

My professional training spans over 10 years and includes a diverse range of techniques and styles including Bel Canto, Opera, Estill, Speech Level Singing, Musical Theatre (with world renowned Broadway Singing Coach Mary Saunders-Barton), Pop & Jazz. I’m also a dynamic choir conductor and vocal director and perform regularly as a professional singer – enjoying belting out a Broadway and Disney tune or two!

I made The Vocal Revolution program so that both aspiring singers and veteran vocalists could have a resource that helps them at every point in their journey.

Have a Question?

Whenever you like! I’ve created this course with your convenience in mind. You are free to take the course completely at your own pace. My recommendation to get the most out of the course is to work on each module for at least 1 month. However, if you master it sooner you can go onto the next one no problem. And if you need more time, you are free to take it. Also when life gets a little crazy (don’t we all know that can happen!), you can always simply pick up where you left off and keep going.

Forever! Once you buy the course, you have lifetime access.

The Vocal Revolution is a course that takes you from beginner to advanced level in vocal technique, so you learn a LOT! From the basics of posture and breathing for ease and freedom in singing all the way to mastering your head voice, chest voice, mixed voice and how to belt impressively without hurting yourself! Also the ‘other’ things every singer needs to know including the best vocal health, performance and overcoming stage fright and developing confidence as a singer and more!

The concept for The Vocal Revolution is to give you ALL you need to sing the way you’ve always dreamed. So, although I can’t guarantee anyone’s success because it also depends on how regularly and correctly you practice and your overall commitment and dedication, that is absolutely the intended outcome!

Access to a computer or device (e.g. tablet or phone), an email account, and PASSION and dedicated time to practice!

If you need help with something related to the course, please contact Thanks!

If your question was not answered above, please feel free to email me at  I will endeavour to respond within 2 business days.  I look forward to hearing from you!

What People Say

A few of the kind things people have said about the Vocal Revolution Program and how it has transformed their voice…

Kyla - US

“I started almost immediately to gain more vocal strength, more vocal flexibility…there were songs we could add to our set list that I had to say no to before!” 

Dinaba - US

“Kerri’s encouragement…is so uplifting, that in itself is worth cost of the whole program!  It feels like you’re in the room with her!  The most I took out of it was the CONFIDENCE building!”

Kathleen - US

“I love the Vocal Revolution program!  As a beginner, I was too self-conscious to do one on one coaching but I desperately had a dream to…have a voice I’d proud of. ” 

Debbie - Australia

“You get real results and you get them really quickly!  Even within the 1st week, I could tell that things were changing in my voice!”  

Melinda - Australia

“I love love love Kerri’s program – the Vocal Revolution! There’s so much content, so much to learn. So much more than what I anticipated. Each module is like doing a one on one singing lesson with Kerri! But you can do it anytime you like because it’s available to you 24/7.”

Erik - Belgium

“Kerri Ho completely changed by life! Practicing Kerri’s program exercise by exercise, day by day, month by month, believe me…my singing instrument is now my best friend!”

Paula - Ireland

“I had developed bad habits from my earlier exam work and doing Kerri’s program has helped me overcome the problems that I had. I would have a tendency to over sing, to strain, to have my jaw very tense, but doing Kerri’s exercises means I now sing with a much looser jaw, I have a greater vocal range…my voice is completely different!”

Fiona-Jane - UK

“I’m genuinely enjoying Kerri Ho’s wonderful program! It’s the first time that I feel like I’ve actually understood what it is that I’m supposed to be doing as a singer. I feel much more confident now than I’ve ever felt before, knowing that I’m going to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it!”

“I’m so proud to be a part of this global singers community! Kerri’s program modules are very logical and easy to follow with clear and comprehensive instructions. As a result I’ve witnessed a lot of improvements in my voice!”
Marketing Professional, Vietnam
“I’m loving doing Kerri’s Vocal Revolution program. One of things I enjoy most is Kerri’s knack for making you feel like she’s in the room beside you, coaching you along the way and encouraging you. You never feel alone, you always feel like there’s always someone with you throughout the course.”
Teacher, Australia
“In just 4 months (of using Kerri’s program) I’ve noticed improvement in my confidence, vocal technique and foundation. I love that Kerri’s modules are for a full vocal workout, it gives me proper order and structure when I’m practicing. Each module builds upon the previous one and you not only hear improvement but feel it as well!” ​
Actress/Artist, USA
“I want to recommend Kerri Ho’s Vocal Revolution training program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to improve their voice. The content is absolutely rock solid! It’ll help you develop really good vocal habits and dismantle bad ones in a very step by step systematic way.”
IT Professional, Austraia


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