Ultimate Vocal Warm Up Program

The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Daily Vocal Warm Up that Prepares, Protects and Builds Your Voice.

My BEST 16 Vocal Warm Ups To Help You:

Prepare  your voice to sing anything and sound your best

Build your voice with my step-by-step practice sequence

Protect your voice and sing without getting tired or straining with my best warmup routine

Hi, I'm Kerri Ho

I’m a singer and international vocal coach, having impacted over 100,000 singers across 50 countries to help them sing confidently and with joy.  Since 2005, I have helped singers worldwide experience vocal transformation through one on one coaching, group workshops, my online singing programs, webinars and The Songbird Tree YouTube Channel.
My professional training spans over 10 years and includes a diverse range of  techniques and styles including Bel Canto, Opera, Estill, Speech Level Singing, Musical Theatre (with world renowned Broadway Singing Coach Mary Saunders-Barton), Pop & Jazz.  I’m also a dynamic choir conductor and vocal director and perform regularly as a professional singer – enjoying belting out a Broadway and Disney tune or two!  


Here's what's included in the program

Comprehensive 40min video of me personally taking you through my best 16 vocal warmups as though you and I are together in my studio doing a one on one lesson

Live demonstrations from me of exactly how to perform the warm ups so that you know how to do it correctly, what it should sound like how it should feel like

Audio MP3 accompaniment: You’ll get to download this to your mobile device for on-the-run practice, wherever and whenever you like, for both male and female ranges

Accompanying ebook: with all 16 exercises detailed and explained for quick reference when you may not have time to watch the whole video all go through the whole recording again 


Forever!  Once you buy the program you will have lifetime access!

You’ll learn the BEST 16 exercises that will warm up your whole voice (low, medium and high ranges) in the perfect sequence that will ultimately make you a better singer and help you sing well into your old age without tiring or straining! 

If you need help with something related to the course, you can email me at kerriho@thesongbirdtree.com and I will do my best to help you!